Abbreviation: Bounty Hunters

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The Bounty Hunters Guild originally began in Texas but has spread to almost every system in Sirius, providing a broad array of security-oriented services for a reasonable fee. They are frequently hired by House corporations, police, and militaries to aid in the protection of trade routes or to take on wanted criminals in search-and-destroy missions. Bounty Hunters are particularly reviled by criminals because some of them were once pirates themselves. As a result, many Hunters know of the various Jump Hole routes and employ that knowledge in their assignments.

There are three ranks known so far in the Guild:

  • Guild Master
  • Journeyman Hunter
  • Tracker

The only pay that Bounty Hunters get are from successful bounty collections.

They have a low opinion of the craft that the Liberty Navy flies (and presumably other House military and police force craft)

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