PITTSBURGH: Planet Pittsburgh's long history of labor problems took a turn for the worse soon after the outbreak of war between Liberty and Rheinland. Using the increased demand for Boron due to its necessity in ship hull panel construction as leverage, the planet's largest labor union, United Boron Miners, went on strike to protest the chronically low wages, hazardous working conditions, and lack of adequate medical care provided by the mining companies.

Despite months long negotiations, the mining companies failed to reach a settlement with UBM and turned to refugees as a solution for their labor dilemma. Bretonians fleeing the Kusari advance in Leeds were offered free transportation to Pittsburgh in exchange for a signed contract for five years labor in the Boron mines. The opening of Gallic space to Sirius has seen an influx of more refugees from Bretonia in spite of the withdrawal of Kusari forces. Rumors of refugees from Gallic space composed of political dissenters have sent the mining companies into political spin mode, claiming that the Gallic refugees being provided work and homes in Liberty is a moral victory over the tyrannical Gallic monarchy.

UBM representatives see the influx of refugees to Pittsburgh in very different terms. Refugees are seen as "scabs" and "illegal immigrants" who are taking native Libertonian jobs. UBM ominously predicts the permanent ousting of its members from their homes on Pittsburgh if the mining companies are able to replace the labor force in its entirety. Outbreaks of violence on the planet have led some pundits to speculate that the ongoing labor strife may soon spill over into space, if the out of work miners are able to acquire spaceships to interdict refugee convoys, or if the Xenos are somehow pulled into the dispute. Both LSF and LPI spokesmen describe such predictions as mere union scare tactics.

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