Baltimore Shipyard, New York System
Run by: Deep Space Engineering
Location: E3

Description Edit

Baltimore Shipyard was originally constructed by Deep Space Engineering in 699AS, after they moved their headquarters to the planet Pittsburgh. The shipyard is known for its "to spec" customization of ships for specific clients, including civilian liners, transports, and luxurious yachts.

Although the shipyard takes construction orders to manufacture civilian vessels to the client's specifications, there is usually a waiting list as priority is given to Deep Space Engineering transports and luxury liners. The Xenos are also rumored to have contacts at Baltimore that supply them with spare parts for small ships, but this has been strenuously denied by DSE executives.

People Edit

Bar population: 4
Commodity population: 0
Jobs: Bounty Hunters Guild, Deep Space Engineering, Liberty Police, Inc.

Bartender: Steven Edelman
Borderworld Exports

Bounty Hunters Guild

Deep Space Engineering

Kishiro Technologies

Liberty Police, Inc.

Universal Shipping

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Trade RoutesEdit

Updated to LNY, LTX, LCO

Statistics Edit

Class: Delaware

Gravity: Partial

Docking: Yes

Amenities: Yes

Population: 1260