Fort Bush, New York System
Run by: Liberty Police, Inc.
Location: E3

Description Edit

Fort Bush was one of the earliest outposts established during the settlement of Liberty. As Liberty expanded, Fort Bush became a popular jumping-off point for any number of wild business ventures as explorers set out to make their fortunes among the stars. Today, Fort Bush provides a haven for traders from all over Sirius who have business to conduct in Liberty. A branch of Liberty Police, Inc. headquartered aboard the station helps maintain the peace necessary for a free economy by suppressing pirate activity in the debris fields and maintaining the automated weapons platforms that defend the nearby Trade Lane junction.

People Edit

Bar population: 5
Commodity population: 0
Jobs: Bounty Hunters Guild, Liberty Police, Inc.

Bartender: Joel Rosenblatt
Bounty Hunters Guild

Cryer Pharmaceuticals

Kishiro Technologies

Liberty Police, Inc.

Samura Heavy Industries

Synth Foods

Universal Shipping

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Trade RoutesEdit

Updated for LNY, LTX

Statistics Edit

Class: Goliath

Gravity: Complete

Docking: Yes

Amenities: Yes

Population: 1120