Newark Station, New York System
Run by: Interspace Commerce
Location: D4

Description Edit

Interspace Corporate was founded in 204AS by Ageira and Deep Space Engineering, since they could pool the necessary capital in insurance and finance. Built in the same year, Newark Station is the local headquarters for the now renamed "Interspace Commerce" (IC), one of the largest financial concerns in the Sirius Sector. While Interspace was initially responsible for financing the construction of the vast Jump Gate and Trade Lane network that connects the various colonies, it was forced to divest itself of those holdings as a result of the Rheinland-Kusari Trade Embargo in 521 AS.

The corporation changed its name to Interspace Commerce and has since transitioned to insuring cargo shipments within and between the various colonies. The remainder of the Newark Station population is a constantly shifting crowd of traders, technocrats, executives, and Bounty Hunters, all cutting deals and arranging for the transport or protection of their goods.

People Edit

Bar population: 4
Commodity population: 0
Jobs: Bounty Hunters Guild, Interspace Commerce

Bartender: Mike Karlin
Bounty Hunters Guild

Borderworld Exports

Gateway Shipping

Interspace Commerce

Liberty Police, Inc.

Samura Heavy Industries

Universal Shipping

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Trade RoutesEdit

Accurate for LNY, LTX

Statistics Edit

Class: Zeus

Gravity: Complete

Docking: Yes

Amenities: Yes

Population: 1460