Planet Manhattan, New York System
Run by: Liberty Police, Inc.
Location: D4

Description Edit

Founded in the year 1 AS, Manhattan was the first human colony established in the Sirius Sector. Over the last eight centuries it has grown into a teeming world of over 18.1 billion people who live and work in a number of large metropolises that dot the planet's surface, making Manhattan the most densely populated planet in Sirius. Its main metropolis, suburbs not counting, numbers over 220 million people - with the hull of the Liberty sleeper ship as a towering beacon at its center. It still remains a bustling tourist destination, with many gorgeous sandy beaches and crowded shopping promenades.

Nearly the entire population is dedicated to the manifest destiny of the Liberty free market, and today Manhattan is the hub of a vast commercial network that stretches into almost every corner of Sirius. While "going to Manhattan" has become a commonly accepted phrase for leaving home to seek your fortune, the cost of living on Manhattan itself is extravagantly high. If a trend is new and exciting - and expensive - then it almost certainly originated here.

Despite the turmoil surrounding the brief, but bloody, Nomad War that ended in 801 AS, Manhattan has continued to grow, and shipments arrive from all over Sirius on a daily basis. While there are reminders of the Nomad War still left over, most people prefer to focus on the future and, for Liberty at least, it appears to be a bright one.

People Edit

Bar population: 5
Commodity population: 2
Jobs: LPI, Liberty Navy, LSF

Bartender: Bob Swaffar
Ageira Technologies

Borderworld Exports

Cryer Pharmaceuticals

Deep Space Engineering


Kishiro Technologies

Liberty Navy

Liberty Police, Inc.

Liberty Security Force

Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines

Samura Heavy Industries

Synth Foods, Inc.

Universal Shipping

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Trade RoutesEdit

Updated for LNY, LTX, LCO, LCA

Statistics Edit

Diameter: 12753km

Mass: 5.98 x 10e24 kg

Terrain: Terrestrial

Temperature: -46C to 43C

Escape Velocity: 11.27km