Trenton Outpost, New York System
Run by: Universal Shipping
Location: D4

Description Edit

Trenton Outpost is the headquarters of Universal Shipping, one of the "Big Three" family of Liberty companies that also includes Ageira Technologies and Deep Space Engineering. Universal Shipping made its fortune by gambling on shipping silver from Colorado to California for use in terraforming Los Angeles, long before Jump Gates and Trade Lanes reduced the risk of transporting goods over such long distances. Universal then cemented its reputation as the premiere Liberty shipping company in 181AS by signing a contract to handle all shipping between Ageira Technologies facilities and Deep Space Engineering construction sites, a contract they hold to this date.

It is often rumored that Universal Shipping has made several clandestine deals with the Xenos, as Universal Shipping convoys are often ignored by them. This is strenuously denied by the Universal Executive Board, but nevertheless, the rumors continue to persist.

People Edit

Bar population: 3
Commodity population: 0
Jobs: Universal Shipping

Bartender: Eric Willmar
Ageira Technologies

Universal Shipping

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Trade Routes Edit

Updated for LNY, LTX

Statistics Edit

Class: Wayfarer

Gravity: Partial

Docking: Yes

Amenities: Yes

Population: 800