West Point Military Academy, New York System
Run by: Liberty Navy
Location: C5

Description Edit

West Point Military Academy has been training the best and brightest officers in the Liberty military for over 600 years. Completed in 189AS and formally opened a year later, the current commandant of West Point is Admiral Matthew Evans, son of the former commandant, Walter Evans. West Point has had many famous personalities who have been trained at the Academy and served on its teaching staff, including decorated veterans such as Captain Jason Findley and Captain Marcus Walker. Rear Admiral Jun'ko Zane of the Liberty Security Force is currently teaching at West Point, although it is believed that she will be reassigned next year to a classified location once her teaching stint at the academy ends, and either Commodore Juan Cruz or Captain Nikki Kidman are expected to replace her.

People Edit

Bar population: 4
Commodity population: 0
Jobs: Bounty Hunters Guild, Liberty Navy

Bartender: Walter Montgomery
Bounty Hunters Guild

Liberty Navy

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Reflects stations discovered in New York.

Statistics Edit

Class: Clinton

Gravity: Classified

Docking: Classified

Amenities: Classified

Population: Classified