LPI Sugarland, Texas System
Run by: Liberty Police, Inc.
Location: F5

Description Edit

The prison ship Sugarland, under the control of Liberty Police, Inc. was built in 600AS to handle the overflow from Huntsville. Sugarland is particularly hard time as a smelter worked by prison labor operates around the clock to re-process scrap from the Texas and New York debris fields. Apart from the prison population, a large contingent of LPI officers, Bounty Hunters and representatives of ALG Waste Disposal round out the personnel on board.

People Edit

Bar population: 3
Commodity population: 0
Jobs: Bounty Hunters Guild, Liberty Police, Inc.

Bartender: Jamie Larsen
Bounty Hunters Guild

Liberty Police, Inc.

Universal Shipping

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Trade Edit

Updated for LNY, LTX, LCO, LCA

Statistics Edit

Class: Tantalus

Gravity: Complete

Docking: Restricted

Amenities: Limited

Population: 730

Inmates: 49740