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The Xenos are a loosely affiliated terrorist organization opposed to any trade or other interaction with foreign entities. In recent years the Liberty Police, Inc. was effective in suppressing Xeno activity and many of their pilots were killed or captured. However, the Xeno movement is far from dead with new recruits being accepted every day due to the brutality of the LPI.

The movement started around 600AS, fueled by the collapse of the Silver industry in the Colorado System and the many newly unemployed miners, smelters, and shipyard workers in the area.

There are rumors that the Xenos get some of their spare parts from underground contacts at Baltimore Shipyard.

They have attempted to raid transports around Detroit Munitions, presumably to secure arms. Their primary targets are foreign shippers.

They are particularly adept at recruiting fellow inmates to their cause while in prison, with it often being said that for every Xeno that enters the prison system, three more leave prison. In 801AS, they were projected to overtake Liberty Rogues as the largest criminal faction in Liberty. However, due to the Xeno prisoners have been largely isolated to the LPI Huntsville and within there, kept away from other inmates, this has helped reduce the growth of this terrorist organization.

Their pilots are generally less trained than the Lane Hacker pilots.

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